Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silk Painted dress

OK - so I finally got around to taking a picture of the dress I painted on Sunday and Monday. Still can't decide if I love it. I love the colors and I love the style of the dress (kind of cool and comfortable hippie meets lady). But is it just a bit too, well, blue? Sorry the back view is so fuzzy! I had a lot of fun painting it. I'm bringing it with me this weekend on my NYC fabric shopping trip. I figured I would try it out on NYC first. What do you think?


Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Name, New Blog

If you are coming here from my previous blog page over at wordpress, welcome!!!
I figured, new name for my business, new blog. I have never really liked wordpress, so I am trying it here. Hopefully it will be better. Already, I was able to change the look of my page the way I wanted to. Over 'there' it was extremely confusing if not impossible. Still have a few tweeks, but I will continue to work on it as we go!
So - today I am working on a fun project! SILK PAINTING!!!
I painted/dyed some embroidered organza lace the other night and it turned out ok, so today I ventured into the big stuff. I am pretty happy so far. Hopefully I will still be happy after it has dried and been set. I had made a white/ivory silk dress (it was supposed to be a tunic, but was HUGE) a few weeks ago, but it looks either like a nightgown or an angel costume! So I decided to do some painting on it to try & make it more wearable. Hopefully this will work. So, here are my practice flowers that I painted on a scrap piece -

I'm actually pretty happy with my test flowers. I have finished painting the sleeve on my dress, as well as the front; just have the back and the front band at the top of the bodice. Will finish tomorrow and post finished pictures tomorrow night. The hardest part is actually the transporting of the finished product from the work table to the drying rack! You have to be so careful not to let any of the wet parts touch anything else or you have a smudge, at the very least! OK - that is all I have time for right now. Have to go pick up hubby at the airport!