Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Ms Bridezilla . . ..

We've all had them. Some are worse then others. Some are just laughable. Others are truly horrid.
And some things just need to be said -

Dear Ms Bridezilla,
I knew at our first meeting that this relationship would be, well, unfortunate.

It came through in the "I'm the most important one in the room" attitude.
It was reinforced with the disappointment in your perfect dress. And then the insistence in needing multiple fittings because of flaws you kept remember seeing.

I am honestly very sorry that you are so unhappy. I'm sorry I can't find padded bra inserts that fit you to perfection. I'm sorry that your dress is actually made of fabric and not plastic, so it wouldn't have the natural folds and creases that allow it to move with you. I'm sorry that I couldn't find that perfect place on your dress that allowed it to be so tight that it showed your lovely figure off , yet still allowed you to walk and sit. I'm sorry that the wide seam allowances on your gorgeous gown felt too thick against your skin. I'm sorry I couldn't make the sash fit tighter around your waist then your dress is. I'm sorry I can't move all the other clients that are on my to-do list, to the back burner so as to get your dress done first.

But mostly, dear Ms Bridezilla, I am sorry for you. I am sorry you can't see your own beauty while in the dress. I'm sorry that you can't see how perfectly it frames you. I'm sorry that you can't see the generosity of the gifts given to you in free jewelry, free veil, free alterations. I'm sorry you are so obsessed with percieved perfection that you can't see true beauty.

But mostly, I am sorry for you that the most important thing about your wedding seems to be the dress. It's just my opinion, but I believe that most important thing should be the fact that you are beginning a new life together with the man you love and plan to spend the rest of your live with.

For your sake, and the sake of your fiance, I hope with all my heart that your bridezilla-ness is just bridal nerves, and not a true indication of your spirit and personality.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Beach Gown for a Tom - boy!

Michi came to me, needing a very specific gown for her wedding.  She had several pictures of gowns she liked; but admitted that she has never been very 'girly'. However, because it was her wedding, she wanted someting very special.

Once we had measurements taken, and went over some of the most important design details, she headed off to Gail K Fabrics, in Atlanta, to look for the perfect lace. And boy did she find it! 

It took a couple days of playing with the muslin, but in the end, the finished muslin was perfect. It fit her perfectly - even with her loosing a bit of weight (as all brides tend to want to do!).  Putting the dress together, with all the details (not included in the muslin) took some time and work, and a bit of tweaking in the end, but my lovely bride teared up when she put it on, and that is always a good sign.

Here is the lovely Michi, on her wedding day-  The gorgeous lace she found for the bodice and straps, is framed with criss-cross straps of appliqued chiffon. The skirt is actually two skirts. The under skirt is detatchable, as seen here - 
 I also made a light wrap from the chiffon, which she made use of at the restaurant, after the ceremony.

During the ceremony, however, the wrap was attached at the back of the dress as an additional train!
 Michi made a gorgeous bride - especially for a self - proclaimed  tomboy! I was blessed in being able to work with her on this beautiful gown.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

My posts have been few and far between lately, I know. And this one has nothing to do with my sewing; atleast not directly. But it's on my heart this morning, so I needed to share.

3 years and 3 months ago, my son was living in Panama City, Fl., working at the airport. He called me up one day, asking if he could bring me home a puppy. He had found a puppy wandering around the airport, lost and hungry. It needed a home, and Derek wasn't in a position to be able to keep it himself, just yet, but as soon as he 'got settled' he would take this pup off our hands. Well, I wasn't exactly in a place in my life where I wanted another dog around. But, between my son and my husband, they somehow convinced me.

A few days later, Derek arrived home with puppy in tow.  Except that it wasn't exactly a puppy. It was a 9 month old German Shepherd. With no discipline, and no manners. His name was Saber, and he was about as ADHD as they get! He had never been worked with. He knew no commands, and was not house broken. What we learned quite quickly, though, was that he had been locked up, was terrified off loud noises (thunder, guns, loud machinery), and had no idea how to play.

Well, Derek had to leave again, leaving Saber with us. Over the last 3 years, Saber has grown into an adult dog; fully disciplined, fully loved and loving.  He is still a bit hyper, but one of the most loving dogs I have ever been around. When he is lonely or scared, he sticks like glue to me. During the day, he will come upstairs to check on me and just lay down in my sewing room to keep me company. When Emma Grace had her kittens, Saber became the babysitter. If one of us isn't feeling well, Saber is right there to lay beside us and comfort. If my husband is gone overnight, Saber takes his place in bed beside me.  We have often noted that Saber has 2 goals in life: one is to make everything 'fun', and the other is to give love.

 Each time Derek has come back home, there is never any doubt as to who is Saber's 'master'. There is always instant recognition and excitement. And, when it comes time for Derek to pack up again and leave, there is always sadness, confusion and depression left behind.

Well, Derek arrived home again, about a month ago, from his deployment in Afghanistan. He now has a plan for his life that includes having his dog beside him. He will be far away, across the country, but it is where he belongs.

He started packing his things up several days ago, making a corner of the dining room into his 'pile'. This always is the point where Saber, as well as the other dog, Shaba, begin to go into their depression mode. They know that the packing means he is leaving. This time was confusing, though. Because Derek added Saber's toys to the pile. And then his leash.

At 5:30 this morning, we all got up to say good-bye. Derek fed Saber, then washed out his bowls, and added them to the packed truck. Now Saber knew something really exciting was about to happen! This time, when Derek left, Saber got to go, too! Such excitement! I so wish I could be a little bug in that truck, watching as the boy and his dog, finally get to live their adventure together. 

Now that they are both gone, I am not sure who I will miss more, the boy, or the dog.