Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bridal Fashion Show

Long time no post . . . .

But I am back, if only for this posting. I am still pretty crazy busy with 'the season', but had some time left over this evening and wanted to get photos posted from the Bridal Fashion Show of May 1.

The girls all looked gorgous, as did the dresses!
I won't post all of the photos, but here are the best ones - enjoy!

And finally - all my beautiful models together!

Friday, May 6, 2011

9 Months; 33 Years Ago

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I apologize. I can barely keep up with my sewing right now. Prom season is almost over, but wedding season is just now at it's peak.
So for the next little while anyway, the posts will be few and far betweeen.

But I wanted to share this special day with you -
Today marks my 33rd wedding anniversary to my soul mate!
We were married so very young. I was just 19, he was 20. But back then, you didn't wait.
We have been so very blessed over the years, and when I think of all God has given us, I am overwhelmed by His grace.

Today I will share just one photo with you. It symbolizes who I am and what I do.
And it is very much a part of this special day.
My wedding gown took me 9 months to make. It took 8 yards of satin, 8 yards of satin - faced organza, and 150 yards of hand crotched French lace. I used 5 different patterns to get just the look I wanted. All the lace had to be hand gathered and meticulously pinned and sewn to the skirt. I hung the dress from a hook over the round dining room table and spread it out all around, so my mother -in -law and I could get it positioned just right. She was a master seamstress and taught me so much! I made a hoop-style petticoat to wear under it, along with a crinoline. Going to the bathroom that day was a true challenge!
It was my dream dress, which I styled after a similar dress I had seen in a magazine for about $1500. I only spent about $175.00 on mine.

As much as I love my wedding gown, when I get it out and look at it now- I am appalled at my workmanship! The outside is still lovely, but when you look inside - OMG!!! It isn't even lined! There is no structure to it at all; which may be why the hoop was necessary.

So, on this special day, I may take the time to drag the dress out one more time. Just to look at it and remember. And be thankful, again, for what the Lord has brought me.