Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pageant Beading

Pageant dresses are an item I haven't worked with very much in the past. A couple here and there, but never more that that. I guess I have been too busy with wedding gowns!
But recently, a pageant mom came to me needing assistance with 2 dresses. The first one was a no brainer - take up at the straps and in at the back. Rip, stitch, done.
The second dress had been purchased 2nd hand previously worn. Previously altered. Previously taken in. Mom was hoping that it could be let back out enough to fit her pageant daughter. No problem - it had just enough to let out to fit the young lady perfectly!
This dress also had beading at the shoulders and back that she wanted replicated at the hip/skirt line.
Here it is before (well, I forgot to do a before, so this is just as I had started working on the beading):
 And here it is after:
 Here is a close up of the beading:
The beading I used was 4mm pink swarvorski set in crystals, 2.5mm pink swarvorski set in crystals, silver palettes,and several sizes and types of crystal beads. All in all, I love the new look. It changed the entire look of the dress, giving it a much more modern and sophisticated look.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

For Jane . . .

The last post I made here was to share with you about a project coming up that I was so excited about.  Jane Wicker, Airshow performer, and Wingwalker, had asked me to make her a very special wing walking outfit for her upcoming marriage. The plan was for her and her fiance, to get married while wingwalking! I hadn't a clue how this was going to be done, but I had no doubt that Jane could do it!

Sadly, and tragically, this project will not be happening. Today, Jane was killed while performing her act at an airshow in Dayton, OH.

I have been involved in this business long enough to have lost several friends. It doesn't get any easier. But perhaps this one was a little tougher, because I had really just been getting to know Jane, and really really liked her.

Jane had given me some ideas of where she wanted to go with her wedding outfit, and I had some ideas of my own. Together we had come up with some really great stuff!

Jane was a huge fan of the era of the 'Roaring 20's'; probably because of the love she had for her airplane, Aurora. It was a huge old Stearman Bi-plane, built for that slow dancing in the sky, that she was so good at. She could dance across the wings of that airplane like nobody else! It was a priveledge to watch her and a priveledge to know her.

She had wanted an outfit that reflected the romance of that era, but was also conducive to her needs as a wing walker. This is what we came up with - only with long, fitted sheer sleeves with some bling at the cuffs. It was to have spattered bling across the shoulders and chest, at the high neck, and again in a thin belt at the midriff.
We talked about a seperate skirt of silk charmuese for the after party,as well.

Instead of a veil, I was going to make her this  turban/hat - which we both fell in love with! Minus the feathers, though, and add some bling instead.
Though this lovely outfit will never be made, I will always see Jane in it; standing on the wing of Aurora, waving at the crowd, a huge ole' smile on her face as she does what she did so very well.

God Speed, and Blue Skies forever, Jane.Blue Skies Charlie & Jane!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Dream Dress Becomes A Reality

Normally I wait until the bride takes possession of her dress before I post about it. But this time I simply can't wait! I won't post her name, though!
This bride came to me almost a year ago with the idea of a very simple dress for her beach wedding. Basically just a dressed up t-shirt dress. But she had another idea, and brought me a picture, of a gown that was her true dream dress. How much would it cost? Could I make it with just a couple changes? Absolutely! The biggest difference was that she wanted the main satin layers in a soft pink.
Initially, we talked about the over - blouse and skirt being done in white organza -
After the first fitting we decided to nix the organza and go with a mesh for the top, and tulle and Point d' Esprit for the skirt.

But there was still something missing, so we added the magic touch -
  A pink satin sash and bow.
It's not finished yet; still need to do some fitting on the top, add buttons at the back, and the hem. But my client is so excited, and so am I! I so love this dress! Can't wait to show you the final fitting! 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Vintage Re-Make

It seems to be my year for Vintage Re-makes! Here I will share with you about the second one of the year; although I started today on yet a third!

This gown is another 70's design, worn by the brides mother. You know the era - the full sleeves, high neck, gathered waist, lots of lace and ruffles around the neckline.

This dress will be unrecognizable when I am finished! The bride wants it totally re-made for her rehearsal dress. I will remove all that lace around the neck and bodice, remove the sleeves, take the skirt in, and shorten it. Then I will re-apply some of the lace around the now strapless bodice, and add thin sraps for support, as the dress has a pretty low back. Along the way I will need to add boning and a lining for structure. Whew! Right now it is a work in progress . . .  more to come!