Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neck deep - no end in sight!

Prom season began about 3 weeks ago for me, and even though it seems to  be early this year, there still seems to be no end in sight. I am currently accepting clients from 2 differnt counties, with prom dates spread out from April 22 to May 7.
Apparently, word has gotten out, and every girl going to prom has told her friends that I do prom alterations. And they tell 2 friends, and so on and so on . . ..
Last year I had maybe 3 -5 prom dresses total that I worked on. This year I have lost count. And I know that as each prom date approaches, there will inevitably be those girls that wait til the last minute to think about any alterations they need.
I've gone through more 'boobs' and more beads and sequins than I ever thought I could!

As a matter of fact, I had to make a rush order to Atlanta Thread Comapny   for supplies. I was so thrilled when it arrived just 3 days later - and in the nick of time!  I orderd 15 sets of Push-up bra inserts (which will probably be gone in a month), some black thread, cream thread, bridal bags, and on a whim; because i can never seem to find them when I need them) a HUGE box of eye hooks! I had no idea it would be such a large box with SO many in it! I will never use them all - but then again, I'll never have to look very far for them, either!

I also had to purchase a new iron over the weekend. My old faithful ,which I have only had for about 2 years, finally fell from it's perch one too many times, and broke it's tip -
I didn't even realize it had broken until I snagged a piece of shiny actetate. Not a good thing.

Between prom dresses, beading, boobs, wedding gowns, sash making, veil fixing, and buying new irons, I am also working on getting things ready for the upcoming Bridal/Fashion Show I am helping to coordinate on May 1. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my Fantasy Table will be based on the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". The other day my good friend Carol, other wise known as The Pearl Lady, stopped by to show and lend me some of her beautiful pearl and crystal jewelry to be used at the Fantasy Table, as well as in the Fashion Show on the models. Some of the jewelry will be diplayed in these Tiffany's boxes -
and some of the jewelry will be displayed on the dress forms. So many details to be worked out, and now I can't get enough models! Still need 2 more, but not tiny things - I need girls about a size 10 - 14. Part of my problem is - again - prom. It is the night before this event.

So, as I head to bed tonight, I will be praying for and agonizing over models, dresses, logistics, beading, sequins, bra inserts, prom deadlines, wedding gown deadlines, and the fact that I still haven't had time to do what I really want to be doing right now - planting flowers.

Maybe next week . . . .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Destination Dress

Back in January, I had my first consultation with Kathy. She was planning a spring wedding, at the beach. Very small, simple wedding. She didn't want the traditional gown; just a pretty ivory chiffon dress. She had a  photo of a dress, but couldn't find any info on where to purchase it.  

I found a very filmy light as air silk chiffon in ivory, as well as some pretty appliques that I cut down to size for the neckline and sleeve trim.

At the second fitting, I made a couple fitting adjustments, and we discussed placement for the appliques, buttons, ribbon sash, hem, ect.  

There was a lot of hand sewing on this dress! Much more than I had anticipated. But it's the little details that make a dress like this so special.

The dress has an empire waist, with dolman cut sleeves that fall to just past the shoulder. The v-neck line and sleeve edges are trimmed in tiny lace appliques. It has an attached 'slip' lining; a side zipper, and covered buttons with loop closing at the front; although with the side zipper, the  buttons are really just for show. The empire waist is covered in a 1  1/2 " wide satin ribbon. She didn't want a bow at the back, but she did want a tail, so it has a simple knot, instead. The hem is cut at a flattering tea-length, with the chiffon layer being slightly longer than the 2 lining layers.
The china silk lining consists of 2 skirt layers, and 2 layers at the bodice cut in a slip style.
Front of dress

Front Detail

Sleeve Detail

Back of Dress
Back Detail

She is scheduled to pick it up on Wednesday, this week. It turned out as a very pretty, easy to wear dress, that she should be able to wear even after the wedding. It has kind of a vintagey look to it, I think!
Simply lovely!