Thursday, September 16, 2010

Progress made!!

I started the week out with lots of dread and apprehension. My work week didn't actually start until Tuesday, so I got a late start with a very full week ahead. My main goal, if not my first project, was to finish the beading and applique work on the very heavily beaded gown that will be picked up this Saturday. But first I wanted to get a few other smaller projects finished. So, on Tuesday, I worked on 3 dresses. Mary's brown silk MOB dress that needed cups added, taking in at the back zipper, and a hem. I finished up the work on a wedding gown that needed additional taking in at the sides, and the strap adjusted; and I started on another bridal gown that needed cups added, create a sweetheart neckline, taken in at the back, and 3 french bustles. All in one day! That got me ahead of the curve - whew! I finally felt like I could breathe! Wednesday I finished up work on that last gown, and got busy on the beading and applique work on the gown of the week! I started working on it at about 3:00 p.m. Took off about 1 1/2 hours for dinner and a bit of cleaning, and finished the beading at 2:00 a.m.! This morning I had a bit more hand work to do on it, but by noon I was on to other projects. I still have 2 more dresses that need to be ready by Wednesday, but really - no big deal. Not that I won't need to stay busy - it seems like as soon as I think it may slow down enough to breathe - I get incredibly busy again!
I have had 2 clients this week who were real pleasures to work with! Very appreciative, very sweet and accommodating. I appreciate when my clients are very honest about how the dress feels/ fits after alterations. Without putting on the dress myself, I can't tell how it fits. My dress dummy can't either. SO if it doesn't "feel' right, I need to know! It may look fantastic, but if it doesn't 'feel' good, it needs to be tweaked. My second  bride, who picked up her  gown today, was that type of client. She was very honest about what she was looking for in fit, and was not afraid to let me know when it wasn't quite right. Today she left happy with her gown. I just hope the rest of her wedding plans go better. It is  a destination wedding in Florida next Saturday. Everything from the cake to the preacher has given her last minute problems. But she has a dress!
Tomorrow, it's back to work on 3 more dresses due by the end of next week, plus 2 new client appointments. No rest for the weary . . .

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