Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Beach Gown for a Tom - boy!

Michi came to me, needing a very specific gown for her wedding.  She had several pictures of gowns she liked; but admitted that she has never been very 'girly'. However, because it was her wedding, she wanted someting very special.

Once we had measurements taken, and went over some of the most important design details, she headed off to Gail K Fabrics, in Atlanta, to look for the perfect lace. And boy did she find it! 

It took a couple days of playing with the muslin, but in the end, the finished muslin was perfect. It fit her perfectly - even with her loosing a bit of weight (as all brides tend to want to do!).  Putting the dress together, with all the details (not included in the muslin) took some time and work, and a bit of tweaking in the end, but my lovely bride teared up when she put it on, and that is always a good sign.

Here is the lovely Michi, on her wedding day-  The gorgeous lace she found for the bodice and straps, is framed with criss-cross straps of appliqued chiffon. The skirt is actually two skirts. The under skirt is detatchable, as seen here - 
 I also made a light wrap from the chiffon, which she made use of at the restaurant, after the ceremony.

During the ceremony, however, the wrap was attached at the back of the dress as an additional train!
 Michi made a gorgeous bride - especially for a self - proclaimed  tomboy! I was blessed in being able to work with her on this beautiful gown.


  1. What a perfect gown for a tomboy to look girlie! Really beautiful - bride AND dress.

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