Saturday, December 17, 2011


One of my favorite things to do, when altering wedding gowns, is the bustle.
For many gowns, the bustling comes naturally; either your traditional bustle -

Where the back of the skirt/train is pulled up to be fastened at the waist or hip. This bustle is used when I want to showcase the detail of the train (as in lots of beautiful beading or lace), or,as in this case, where the skirt is so fully embellished that any other bustle would create too much bulk.

Or, the French Bustle -
Shown here on a fairly straight skirt with just a slight flair, but length that needed to be pulled up.

Here is the French Bustle done on a cathedral length train, with several tiers.

Then there are the bustles that are combined traditional and French - 
Although you only see the traditional bustle here, underneath it is 2 French Bustles.
And here, in Matthew Chrsitophers gorgeous IRIS gown, is another combination bustle.

But I believe my favorite bustle, to date, is this one. The beauty of this dress just begged for an outstanding bustle. Not your traditional, not the common French, but something truely unique. After playing with the train for a few minute, I came up with the "Rose" -

From another angle -
Just don't ask me how I did it!


  1. The rose bustle is just AMAZING!!! I sure hope you took notes on how you pulled it together - I can see a whole new trend starting from this...

  2. Pretty look and beautiful white dress. Amazing this post

  3. Thanks 4 great posting and super'b desgin of white dress.