Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pageant Beading

Pageant dresses are an item I haven't worked with very much in the past. A couple here and there, but never more that that. I guess I have been too busy with wedding gowns!
But recently, a pageant mom came to me needing assistance with 2 dresses. The first one was a no brainer - take up at the straps and in at the back. Rip, stitch, done.
The second dress had been purchased 2nd hand previously worn. Previously altered. Previously taken in. Mom was hoping that it could be let back out enough to fit her pageant daughter. No problem - it had just enough to let out to fit the young lady perfectly!
This dress also had beading at the shoulders and back that she wanted replicated at the hip/skirt line.
Here it is before (well, I forgot to do a before, so this is just as I had started working on the beading):
 And here it is after:
 Here is a close up of the beading:
The beading I used was 4mm pink swarvorski set in crystals, 2.5mm pink swarvorski set in crystals, silver palettes,and several sizes and types of crystal beads. All in all, I love the new look. It changed the entire look of the dress, giving it a much more modern and sophisticated look.

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  1. Nice dress, I will also love to have it. Silver palettes,and crystal beads have added beauty to the beading.
    B&B Brugge