Friday, August 9, 2013

Too Short Wedding Gown

Today's project: adding length to a too short wedding gown.

Not as difficult as it might sound - at least with this gown. It has a 1.5" wide ruffled organza trim at the hemline; so we decided to just add another layer of the ruffled organza. The gown is about 1.5" too short, so after some careful measuring, I figured out I needed to cut 14 yards of 3.5" wide strips of ivory organza. To make the whole process easier, I decided to cut the 14 yards in 1 yard increments, gather them individually, and then sew the ends together. But before I could gather them, one long edge had to be very slightly frayed, to match the existing hemline. Several hours later . . . .

After ruffling each strip, I gathered then pressed each piece -
Tomorrow I will sew the ends of all these strips together, then attach them at the hem. Here, you can see both the original length, and how the new ruffle will add just the right amount!
And here, you can see how pretty the new hem will look when completed. Ignore those pesky threads - they will magically disappear when it's finished!
Such a lovely gown! Can't wait for the bride to see the finished project!


  1. Hello!
    I've recently stumbled across your blog! I'm really loving it, I went all the way back to the very first post. I am sewing my wedding dress, Vogue 1032, the pattern you used for your fabulous feather fantasy dress! I read your pattern review for it, and you mentioned in detail you had problems with the pattern. I would absolutely love any tips you might have! I'm very excited to get started, but also super nervous!

  2. hello,
    I like your way of writing skills. and your designs are so much motivational and i think this are so much good for me as well as others.
    I really appreciate to you for this. thanks for posting. looking forward to see more....keep it up... :-)

  3. Hi,
    I really wanted a short dress and got a dress that could make short (after discussing it with the shop owner and seeing what she thought). Now, when I look at the pictures of my dress, I think it looks so pretty long that I'm going to keep it long. Just floor length though, I will be getting rid of the train. Try some on... there are tons of really awesome ones out there and those pictures show some gorgeous dresses! keep it up for the great work...:-)

  4. My sister suggested that I should order a size down--being an 8-10 with a C cup, I got an 8, and it's pretty good. (I got a red dress) it was thin, and needed some ironing.