Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach Wedding 'Dress'

Several months ago I was approached by a lovely young lady, Jennifer, who needed a very special and unique outfit for her beach wedding.

She wanted something very non-traditional, very beachy. At our first meeting, she explained to me her wants and needs, and I drew out on paper what I envisioned for her. In all humbleness, that seems to be a gift of mine - to be able to envision what is descibed to me.

Several fittings later, and after several alterations, she took her beach ensemble home.

Today I received pictures from her of the beach wedding which occurred a couple weeks ago. She looks lovely! In her letter, she told me she got lots of compliments on her outfit, and was thrilled with it!

I live to serve - and I really love it when my brides are this happy!!
The happy bride!
The wedding Corset and Sarong
The back of the wedding corset


  1. Great job on making this young lady's vision become reality! It's always a pleasure to make someone happy and know that they really are thankful~ she looks very happy. :)
    This brought memories of the beach wedding dress I made a few years back...( copy this into your brower)
    The back of this young lady's dress laces up with vlack ties~ what is it about beaches and lace-ups, hmmm. :)

  2. vavaVOOM! lovely dress and stunning bride!

  3. Superb Wedding ! Beautiful Dress and nice planning for beach wedding.

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