Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dress Designs

I am finally taking a day to get caught up on my blog reading, my blog posting and maybe even clean up my Etsy Shop!
I had planned to spend ALL day doing this, but I got a last minute call last night on an emergency fitting, so I will have to take an hour off to get that done. Bummer. At least business is good - right?

About a week ago, I delivered another beach wedding gown to a very happy client! I didn't take any photos of it, because they just didn't do it justice on the dress form. She has promised me photos from her Hawaii wedding, which was yesterday. Can't wait to get them and share!

In the meantime, I have been working on a Drum Major outfit - it's kind of become a tradition. I started making them for the local high school about 4 years ago, and it has continued through the years since.
I've also been doing plenty of my regular alterations; although it has slowed down some. I can finally take a day or two off every week!

Lately, I have been playing with one of the pieces of fabric my husband brought me back from his first trip to Malaysia. I want to make my annual 'ICAS' gown for our convention in Vegas (December) out of this fabric, but the nature of the fabric calls for a special design. Here is where I need your help dear readers!
The fabric is an embroidered georgette, with a heavily embroidered border. There are about 8 yards of it, although it is only 42" wide, and if I remove the border it is about 6" more narrow.
In playing with it, I have come up with a few designs.

In this first draping, I have the border edge falling vertically in folds down the front, slightly off center. The bodice is a strapless draped silk doupioni.

Here, I have pleated the bordered edge of the fabric into a skirt, with the silk doupioni bodice in a sleeveless surplice style, and using the border trim of the fabric for the other side of the bodice.

These last 2 designs are similar in that they have the same bodice style, and the skirt is draped on the bias. In the second one, however, I left the border, which I like. Not sure about the bodice style on this one.

Ok - readers - I would love some opinions! Remember - these are just draped designs and by no means are they 'finished'!!!


  1. Great fabric! I really like design idea #2. Idea #1 would be my second choice. The border is too gorgeous not to use. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. Beautiful Fabric ! lovely Designing good job