Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Absence of Stress

I've always known that I work better under pressure. I seem to almost thrive on it - to a point. I like having deadlines, I like making my lists, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I see my list getting smaller and my row of dresses to be done shrinking. I know that this passion I have for sewing (specifically on formal wear and bridal) is a God given gift. Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for it, cherish it and try to be worthy of it.  That being said . . .

I have never been so glad to see the end to "the rush".  It started in March. Picked up in April. I had a week in June when it looked like it might slow down a bit. But I have been beyond busy ever since. I did take 3 days the end of August to go fabric shopping in NYC (still excited over that!!!) and I took 5 days in September to see my son off to Afghanistan. I took a day and a half a couple weeks ago to enjoy my husbands airshow performance at the Great Georgia Airshow in Peachtree City, GA. And I think I took a day off in July. A Sunday that I took long naps and read all day. Heaven.  But, other than those days, I have been working non -stop. 7 days a week. Some days up to 14 hours. Granted, a certain amount of those hours were taken up in fittings and or shopping for supplies, working on marketing, or designing. But not many. The majority of that time has been working on alterations for bridal/formal wear. It has seemed as though, just when it looked like it would slow down and I could catch my breathe, it would pick back up again. I have been so very thankful. This business that I started on a wing and a prayer, 5 years ago, has proven to be a success. When so many businesses are going under or struggling to make ends meet, mine has been thriving. I cannot say how very thankful I am.
But right now, I am so very thankful to just be able to . . . breathe . . .
I am down to just 4 wedding gowns to do, on my rack. One to work on this week, one the next, and so on. I also have a MOB dress to make for a Dec. 6 wedding. But this is nothing! Nothing I tell you! I can do these dresses at a leisurely pace. I can take time to sew for myself. I can clean my house!!! Do you know how long it has been since I've cleaned?! I can take the time to plan meals again, and get back to enjoy being in the kitchen! I CAN SLEEP IN ON SUNDAY!!!  I can get back to the gym, to church, to the grocery store with out rushing!  Maybe I will read a book again! Oh the possibilities . . . With the holidays coming up I may even think about making gifts. 
But tonight, I believe I will just sleep.

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