Friday, October 29, 2010

My Littlel Corner of Heaven

I am pleased to share with you one of my favorite places. I am blessed to have it in my own home, and to be able to spend many hours everyday there. It is the place where I go to dream, to design and create. It is my sewing place. Come in and visit - and I hope when you leave, you take a little piece of my heaven with you!

Upon entering, I am always welcomed by a ray of sunshine streaming in through the front windows. I leave them uncovered, to get the most of the light.  The pale pink walls reflect the light, making the room that much more cheerful and welcoming.

Another view of the front wall - I LOVE my lamp! I found it at Hobby Lobby and it was so perfect for my room. It tells a tale all by itself. Behind the mirror and room divider (which is covered in a silk flower swag) is the Vintage wedding gown, made by my mother - in- law, back in 1957. I may have to do a separate blog on that . . . Below the mirror, are my sketch and photo books, as well as the box in which I store supplies for my latest passion - silk painting. The shelf above the window holds some very old Madame Alexander dolls that also belonged to my mother-in-law,as well as a very very old and tiny childs sewing machine. At one time it actually worked. It also belonged to my mother -in-law.

This wall holds a treasure of shelving! My father - in- law built  the shelving for us when we bought the house 19 years ago. Up until about 1 1/2 years ago, the room was used by my 2 daughters. Neither of them made as good a use of the shelving as I have though! The baskets hold lace trimmings, cordings, appliques,  & beading supplies. On the shelves you will also find a box for fabric paints, hot glue supplies, and more beading tools. Other shelves hold my 'stereo' (which only plays one station on the radio and the CD player doesn't work - but it plays my favorite station, so I am happy), business supplies, paper work, files, resource materials (books, mostly), and supplies for paper crafting. Below the shelving is where I store my patterns - in the rectangular decorative boxes; items I use at Bridal Shows are in the circular boxes. On the table, is a special box where I keep fabric I have set aside for special projects. You can see it is overflowing onto the table itself. What can I say, it's been a very busy summer with no time to sew for myself.

Here in the back corner is my sewing center. My idea board is on the wall behind, as well as a thread holder. The basket on the floor holds my mending.

This is my 'go to' shelf. It holds all those items I find necessary to have close at hand when at my machine. Needles, bobbins, the 2 large boxes hold thread; buttons, tape, scissors, machine tools and feet, etc, ...

A full view of the back wall. My machine is a Babylock Ellageo. It  does everything I could ask for. Don't have, never have had, and probably never will have a serger. Stacked at the back of the table is my current 'job'. I am putting new trim on all the local cheerleaders' outfits. Thus, the bag on the chair with overflowing trim. My pride and joy hangs on the back wall. 2 years ago at Christmas, my youngest daughter (the artist) painted this portrait from a favorite photograph taken years ago of all my beautiful children.

The fourth wall shows my storage cabinet, as well as my ironing station and my sewing companions. They are (from left to right), Polly, Dolly, and Molly. The top storage cabinet is where I keep mostly small to medium scraps. The lower cabinet is where I keep boxes and baskets of other supplies; interfacing's, ribbons, zippers, fasteners, boning and horsehair, stabilizers, shoulder pads, bra inserts, etc., etc., etc. . .
More storage for fabric scraps is kept in the round boxes under the table. You may be wondering why I have a childs plastic chair in my sewing room. Good question - I'm glad you asked! Often, in hemming a wedding gown, I dress one of my sewing companions in said gown, place her up on the short table that is kept under the shelving, and sit upon my little chair to accurately measure and pin the gown. Works like a charm.

Just through the back doorway and around the corner, is my storage closet. Here is where I store rolls of fabric as well as pattern making supplies. And hanging, you will find . . .

Lengths of fabric yardage hanging on hangers, several patterns on hangers, and most of my sample gowns in plastic bags.

Back out of the closet and you will find yourself in the bathroom. It is now my changing room for my clients, and also where I hang clients gowns. Not many there right now, as the season is finally winding down. But during the busy season, you will find it hard to make it through the doorway in to the bathroom. I will have bagged gowns hanging from every place possible, and packed so tight into the shower that it is hard to get them in and out.

Last but not least, is the sink and mirror across from my storage shower stall.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour! My sewing place is very special to me, and I am very proud of it. It is everything I need it to be. It is a pleasant and efficient work place. The only thing I would change is to have a larger sewing table. Sometimes those big ball gown dresses don't fit very well. I've been known to use unpleasant language when fighting with them . . .

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