Monday, October 11, 2010

Amazon - I love you!

Last week I received these 2 purchases I had made from amazon! I actually ordered them about a month ago and wasn't expecting to get them for several more weeks, but TA-DA!! They arrived early - now if only I had time to look at them!
In the last week I have also received 3 new magazines, none of which I have had time to look through. It is currently almost 11:00 p.m. and I am just finishing up work for the day. My eyes are crossing and my hands are getting stiff. I've recently discovered an aversion to cooking and cleaning, only because I simply don't have time. No time to shop for food to stock my empty cupboards, no time to plan menu's, no time to dust, do windows or wash my dirty floors. What I wouldn't give these days for a housekeeper who cooks, cleans, does laundry and rakes leaves. The two things on my absolute must do list every day are making the bed and vacuuming. The kitchen can be stacked with dirty dishes, the bathrooms can be nasty, magazines and junk mail can be piling up. But if my bed isn't made, I can't function. And vacuuming is the only way to keep the pet hair from totally taking over our environment.
My husband, bless him, is not a complainer. Either he doesn't see the mess or doesn't care. He even offered tonight to cook once in a while, when I told him how much I am coming to hate cooking. I guess it's a good thing the kids are all grown and out. I can't imagine trying to run my business and a home and kids. Couldn't be done. Not without some serious help.
So, until the sewing and alterations slow down a bit (which I thought would happen soon, but after today's new clients and orders . . . well, maybe not so soon) my new reading materials will have to be patient and wait quietly on my coffee table, watching me as I rush by with the vacuum cleaner or as I sit on the couch with a wedding gown in my lap being stitched with tiny hand stitching.

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