Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 1 on Red Dress

Believe it or not - I actually remembered to take a few photo's of my progress to day on my Red Dress. First, I spent a couple hours marking with tailor's tacks, all the darts and new seam lines. It shouldn't have taken so long, but I had help from my assistant.
Another hour later and I had the organza underlining attached and was ready to start putting it together.
I had found a pretty piece of gunmetal colored lace with silver threading in it that I wanted to use in the bodice. Originally I had thought to use a piece of black lace I had, but decided it was too harsh. This gunmetal color is more subtle and just looks better. 
So far, it seems to be going together very well. The pattern is vintage, and I am not used to sewing vintage patterns. I was surprised to see in the instructions that it only calls for a bodice lining! I am making some changes to the foundation structure. I am giving this gown a full lining, as well as an attached structured foundation that will fall to the hips. Since there is no waist seam, I don't want the foundation to end at the waist, thereby giving me a very noticeable crease at the waist. I added twill tape to the top of the bodice -
to stabilize it. With the curved edge, I don't want it to fall away from my chest. The tape should stabilize it enough to prevent that.
Tomorrow I will finish attaching the back and the bottom of the skirt,as well as the lining. Hopefully I will have time to atleast get started on the foundation.

So far so good!

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