Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Return of the Lazy Assistant

Since having her babies in June, my Lazy Assistant had made herself scarce in the sewing room. She has (again) been neglecting her duties. Not that she has a lot of them, but she is an important part of the business that gets done.
Recently, however, she has begun making a re-appearance; taking up her former duties, as well as taking on a couple of new ones. She is also apprenticing her son in the art of sewing room etiquette.
She has taken on inspection of shipping-
One of the inspected boxes had too many styrofoam peanuts in it, so of course they had to be taken out.

Another job she has taken on has to do with some nefarious activity that has been happening outside the window. It seems we have attack birds living in the tree outside the window, just waiting for that moment when my Lazy Assistant turns her back - that is when they charge full force into the window. I am certain they are looking for bits and pieces of thread and fabric scraps to steal away to their fortress. Fortunately, this Lazy Assistant is on her toes and seems to be keeping them at bay.
When not practicing her new duties, my Lazy Assistant can still be found checking out the interior seams on items I am working on. Often, I have to physically remove her from the premises, in order to prevent further chaos. She has been known to get quite demanding in her project inspections.
I am glad to have her back helping (such as it is) in the sewing room; she brings a certain calm to me while I am working. She is a good listener and usually keeps her opinion to herself. As the days continue to get colder, I am sure I will continue to see more and more of her in the sewing room.

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