Sunday, December 26, 2010

Return to my Beloved

Tomorrow I will be reaquainted with one of the loves of my life! Unbelievablly, she doesn't have a name. Maybe Ella. Yes, we will call her Ella from here on out, for she is a Baby lock Ellangeo. So, the name seems to fit, right?
Ella went to visit the (gasp) sewing machine doctor a little over 3 weeks ago. Just before my ill - fated trip to Vegas. She goes in every year for a check-up. I put so many hard 'miles' on her, that a yearly check up is the least I can do for her. I knew, going in, that this year would be harder than in the past. It has been a difficult year for her, what with  not only the many hours she has put in, but the many DIFFICULT hours she has put in. Between having to jump over beading, mixing threads, and working with difficult fabrics, I had a feeling she would need major surgery at the least. I was not wrong. She needs a new needle plate. A new bobbin case. A new thread cutter. But that is the extent of it. It could have been worse. I am assurred that she will perform like new when I get her back.
In the mean time, I have been making due with a borrowed (dare I say it?) machine from a friend. It has been a good machine, and I have no complaints. It is a Bernina - of which I have had one of my own in the past.
 She is a work horse, and does a very good job. I had one just like her until Ella came along. Now my Nina resides with my daughter at college. I had forgotten the attributes of working with a mechanical machine as opposed to a computerized machine. There is a certain amount of personal satisfaction I seem to get from working with the mechanical machine, that I don't get when working with the computerized. I find that I have to do a bit more 'feeding' of the fabric with Nina. She's a bit more vocal; but doesn't seem to complain as much if I happen to use a different thread in her bobbin. She takes a bit more work, in that I have to actually snip the threads when I finish a seam. She doesn't have as many foot attachments, and I have to put more thought process into changing stitches. But what a little worker she is! Clackety clackety clack she goes, but she won't stop unless she gets a wad in her bobbin! Every stitch is perfectly even. Even though  she is loud and even though she isn't as versatile, she makes me remember why I love to sew. 
It's not the ease I find with Ella, in not having to 'feed' the fabric. It's not because all I have to do is flip a switch and Ella changes stiches. It's not because Ella does everything I ask without really even having to ask! It's because sewing involves a certain amount of 'finese'. A certain amount of artistic creativity that has nothing to do with the kind of machine you use or how much you use it. But it has everything to do with how well you use what ever sources you do have, be that a mechanical sewing machine, a computerized sewing machine, or simply your hand and a needle and thread. A love of the art is all you need to find a wonderful satisfaction and even a sense of purpose, in connecting thread to fabic.
So, though I will be very happy to be reaquainted with my beloved Ella, I will definetely miss Miss Nina. She has been a wonderful substitute, and a part of me will miss her very much. Hopefully, she and I will have an opportunity to work together again in another year, when Ella once again goes (gasp!) under the knife.

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