Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Contest hint!

I had planned to post this first hint yesterday, but it quickly became one of those days where 6:30 PM arrived and I realized I hadn't eaten all day and only had timeto grab a very quick sandwich at Panera on my way to another appointment. Didn't get to finish the sandwich till after 9:00!!
So, here is your hint for today - a little math is involved, so put your thinking caps on!

Almost 15% of the dresses I worked on were dresses or gowns I constructed. 1/3 of the dresses I constructed were wedding gowns. I made 4 MOB dresses, 6 BM dresses, 6 Special occasion dresses,  2 Flower girl dresses and 13 garments other than for weddings.

Wedding gowns I made this year:

Pearls &Lace Gown

Custom Classic Ivory Gown for Etsy Client

Tea Length Chiffon


Ivory Chiffon for Megan

Feather Fantasy Gown





  1. The dresses you made are so beautiful!! I know I appreciate your expertise on PatternReview, you are clearly a master! Now off to do some math... :-)

  2. how is it humanly possible for you to have done all that work in one year?!?! amazing.