Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I Went A Little Bit Crazy . . .

I am blaming it on the "Winter Storm of 2011". Seriously. 
That's when it all started. The weather started comng in Sunday night, when I sat down to warm up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and the internet. 
Did you know that Elliot Berman is now one of the merchants at PatternReveiw? Oh yeah . . .  

My first purchase of the evening was this large print viscose knit. The print is bigger than I expected, but I think it will look great in a maxi dress!
2nd purchase from Elliot B,. 4 yards of pretty pink cotton stretch sateen. I've been wanting to make myself a vintagy dress with a full skirt.
This one I am disappointed in. It did not look like camo in the picture! And it supposed to be a wool jersey. But you can see through it. Very thin, very scratchy. Very ugly. Maybe I can make something for my son with it. He is the only person I know with a full appreciation of anything camoflauge!

After that fateful evening of late night internet shopping, I was homebound for 5 days, weathering the storm. I did get a ton of work done, so I won't complain. However. By Saturday, cabin fever had had it's way with me. The roads were finally clear (for the most part), and JoAnnes was having a sale. Now, I don't usually buy a lot at JoAnnes anymore, just because I can usually find such great stuff online, or I go up to Gail K's. But there was no way I was venturing into the still snow laden streets of Atlanta. And did I mention, JoAnnes was having a sale? And did I mention I went a little bit crazy?
This piece I found in the bargain bin for $4 a yard. It's a printed chiffon that will make a very pretty summery top.

Here is a gorgeous slinky fabric that I couldn't resist! A fitted wiggle dress with little cap sleeve, maybe a boatneck - line.
A lovely blue color on this stable jersey cotton knit. Bought a new pattern for this one!
So, remember a few blogs ago when I showed you the dotted swiss I had been searching for? I settled for that one. THIS is the one I had been looking for!!!
I also got a light weight crepe satin and some lining to go with it.
I needed just a few notions . . .
and a few patterens on sale . . .

and a few more . . .

and a few more.

So, I went a little crazy. Blame it on the storm.

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