Friday, January 21, 2011

How About a Little Tease?

I recently found out about a contest!
It is sponsored by Brides Magazine. It is called Operation Dream Dress.

They are looking for new wedding gown designers to submit their original designs. I will be a bit pressed for time, but I am excited about it. My original idea feel apart when I remembered I had some beautiful lace packed away just waiting for the right dress. So I unpacked it and started playing. It only took a few minutes before I came up with my dress idea. Sketches must be submitted by the end of January. 25 finalists will be chosen to make their gowns and submit them by March 7. Then the gowns will be voted on by readers! As I said, I will be pressed for time. Because I am leaving for a trip out of town on Feb 12 and will not return until Feb 21. Which would only give me a week or so to make the gown. So, in anticipation of atleast becoming a finalist (!) I am getting a head start on the gown now!
I won't show you the sketch, but I will give you a little tease of what it looked like as I was 'playing' with the fabric and lace!
The theme of the gowns is "Artfully Romantic", so your submission needs to be relative to the theme.
You can't really tell in the photo's, but the lace has a light pink threading in it. I have used the lace before in another gown. It has pretty pearl and glass beading in it. This lace was the last of a bolt I got from Gail K's several years ago. I got the whole rest of the bolt. Couldn't resist!
The prize you ask? Well, here's the thing. I'm not thrilled with the fine print. Winner gets a check for $10,000. Sounds really great right? Except, number 1 - Big Daddy gets about 40% right off the top.
You have to give up all rights to your design. You get no residual $$ for any sold dresses. You cannot make or sell the dress yourself for profit. The dress design will not have your name on it at all. I mean - you give up ALL rights to this design you spent hours and hours creating. I'm not jazzed about that. But, then, I don't have a desire to do any mass producing anyway.
My joy comes in the creating, and though I really wish my name would stay on it, perhaps the recognition of just being in the contest would be enough. The money doesn't hurt either.
I will keep you posted with further details!! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Candace, you do beautiful work~ I certainly can't wait to see your own creation!! Do keep us posted.
    I've browsed through your bustles and they are GORGEOUS!! Surely I hope you are getting your money's worth. :)