Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Comes to Georgia

The past 3 or 4 days have been spent in preparation of the coming winter 'storm'. Those of you in northern states laugh at our seemingly silly preparations and the joy we seem to take in them. I was once one of you! We moved here in November of 1982 (a century ago, surely), and that winter I experienced my first Georgia winter storm. I, too, laughed to see people rushing to the grocery store to stock up; buying sand bags, salt, large sheets of plastic, extra water, gas, bread, milk, oreo's and ofcourse, beer. Being from Minnesota, I found it truly unbelievable to see this near mass hysteria. Little did I  know . . .
There are no snow plows in Georgia. Because, you see, Georgia rarely, if ever, gets snow. Even during the big threat of a winter storm. The real threat is ice. It comes down in needles of sleet, to cover everything it touches. Tree's will become so heavy with ice that entire tree's will topple over. Not to mention power lines. If it is outside, it will be covered in a sheet of ice. Roads become skating rinks. Outdoor furniture will resemble ice sculptures. If there is snow, it becomes a thick crust of white. It's really quite beautiful. Hard to believe it can also be so deadly.

So, when the threat looked like it may be real, this time, I began to make my own preparations. It became even more real, when I found out my DH would be gone! He tutored me  Saturday, on starting and running the generator. Yes, I was one of those crazy people who ran to the grocery store for milk. And wine, ofcourse! I picked up heavy plastic to cover the big patio window (for insulation), a big new flashlight (since mine has disappeared, once again to my husbands shop), batteries, a lighter for candles, salt to melt ice on the stairs, and extra drinking water. I filled the bathtub full of water for my dogs and cats to drink, or for heating for washing. I was ready.

My husband left (Nashville, for a class he couldn't reschedule), and I settled in. The sleet began last night around 7:00. Shortly it turned to huge flakes of snow, then back to sleet. It was time to go get the generator ready - just in case. I also covered my big window with the plastic. I had made a big pot of Turkey sausage chili that I could warm in the crock pot if I had to use the generator. And I waited. Our electricity goes out at the drop of a hat. Always has, probably always will. Except, this time - it hasn't!

I woke to a slow cold drizzle of sleet and freezing rain, which covered the 1-2 inches of snow on the ground with a glaze of ice. Knowing I wouldn't be going anywhere and that nobody was coming to see me, I did the unthinkable. I stayed in my pajama's all day! I sewed in my Pajama's!! I have never done that before. It was so liberating! 

I knew I had to get as much machine sewing done as possible, because the power could go at any time. I've got plenty of hand sewing to work on, should the power go out, but work that has to be done on the machine must get done first.
First, I put a lace - up back into a wedding gown -

Then I started major work on a lace gown.  First, I removed 3 strips of lace and the zipper, to take it in almost 4 inches at the back -
I still need to hand sew the lace back down the center back; take it up at the shoulders -
Take it in at the bodice sides -

                                          In at the skirt sides -
                                                  the hem -

and the bustling. Probably 2 more days. Provided I have electricity!

At 5:30 I put down my pin cushion, unplugged the iron, called for my sewing assistant, and headed back downstairs.
I was so grateful to still have power. Funny how much we depend on electricity in out lives.  We take it so much for granted. Today I am very thankful for it.
I warmed up some of my chili, poured myself a glass of wine, and gave a silent toast to myself, for a good days work.

Yes, I like cheese on my chili.


  1. Nothing beats a good snow storm, and a hot bowl of chili (PLUS CHEESE) and a glass of wine is the perfect way to enjoy it.

  2. Very vivid picture, Candice. Job well done!!