Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Gown named "Tiffany"

I'm crazy. I'm insane. These exhausting, busy, challenging and sometimes never-ending days of spring don't give me much time for anything but sewing. Between bridal alterations, prom alterations, and several dress construction projects, it's a wonder I have time to sleep. And yet, somehow, in between all this insanity, I have been working on organizing and putting together a Bridal Fashion Show for the Southern Charm Wedding and Event Professionals Bridal Show on May 1. But that's not all, dear readers. At this event, vendors are given the opportunity to showcase their product on 'Fantasy Tables', which we can decorate how ever we choose. So, ofcourse, I had to do one. Only because, as we,  the show coordinators group, were discussing it, the most creative fun idea came to me! Wouldn't it be fun to do a table dedicated to the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!

I won't share all my ideas with you at this time ( you will just have to stay tuned), but I will tell you what I have been up to! 

I have been working my tush off to get to a point with my alterations work that I can afford to take some time 'off' to work on a dress for this table. I really didn't have a design in mind, so I asked my youngest daughter, a designer in progress, to think about one for me. She and her sister are both avid fans of the movie, and I figured if anyone could come up with something, it would be her. She didn't disappoint. Not 24 hours later, I had a sketch in hand. Now I just had to come up with the time to make it! 

After a couple weeks, I thought, this just isn't going to happen. But, as I said, I worked my tush off, and lo-and behold, by this past Thursday, I found myself with 5 extra days. Well, that may be pushing it, but, I will make it work.

DAY 1:
 Pattern development, and muslin

Day 2:
Fabric Shopping and cutting  out pattern.
Between appointments I went to Gail K's in Atlanta and found a cream colored silk twill with a cotton backing. The dress also calls for a piece of Tiffany blue charmuese. Thus the name 'Tiffany".

Day 3:
Applying the underlining to all the pieces. By hand.

I had to do this between appointments again, but it really went relatively quickly. I underlined the silk twill for the gown and the foundation with cotton batiste,

Bodice pieces

Foundation pieces

Skirt pieces
And the Tiffany Blue charmuese piece with silk organza.

This evening after dinner, I went back upstairs and put the foundation together.

Ofcourse, none of this would be possible without my trusted assistant. As you can see, she has exhausted herself, and fallen asleep on the job (again).

Tomorrow I will put the dress and lining together. Monday will be finishing. Will I have it done Tuesday? We shall see . . ..


  1. Can you actually sew a wedding gown in four days? That's incredible!

  2. Oh My God !! its very beautiful dress . really i like this dress and fantastic this post for gown.