Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Lost - Just Insanely Busy!!

March has, for the last couple years anyway - been my busiest month for Bridal alterations. This year seems to be no exception. Only this year, it actually started in February. Between the alterations, the garment constructions (of which I am working on 3 right now) and my son's return from Afghanistan (which included 5 days of visiting from in-laws) - posting on this blog is not real high on the priorty list.

But I am here now - if only for a short post - to tell you loyal followers that I am still here!

I thought I would give you a look at the dress I made for the Artfully Romantic Wedding gown contest - which I didn't make it into :( 
It still isn't quite finished; in that it still needs the felted silk flower embellishments on the right shoulder, at the top of the skirt godet, and probably a small one at the waist sash. I need to have it ready for a Bridal/Fashion Show on May 1, though.

Now, these photo's were taken befoer the dress was actually done. It still shows pins in the lace, unfinished edges, ect . . .

It is not hemmed in these photos, either. But atleast you get the general idea, right?
I will post more current photos soon.

Right now I am relaxing in a hotel room near the Gwinnett Center in Georgia; attending the annual Sewing Expo. I attend each year; and although the last 2 years I have been somewhat disappointed, I find myself continuing to return, hoping for something new and exciting each year.
While I haven't found anything this year that truely fits the category of "new and exciting", I have found it to be atleast a bit more interesting than the last couple years.
This time around I am taking several classes on embellishment and construction design. I'm always looking for different ways to embellish and/or design details that will make my dresses stand out. If nothing else, I am inspired by the many artists and their work that I see here.
Now to find the time to actually put what I have learned into practice . . .

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