Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Like Running A Race

Sometimes it's best if I don't think about the finish line.

Every few days I make myself a new 'TO DO' list. This generally includes all the dresses I have due during a given time period, in the order of exactly when they are due, by date; as well as what needs to be done to each dress. As I finish them, they are crossed off, so I can see my progress and keep track of how I am doing. Record keeping, right?

Here is my TO DO List for this month -  

As you can see, I've got most of them crossed off - YEAH!!!

The goal is to have them all crossed off in 2 days; so I will have time to make a wedding gown for a Bridal fashion show I am working on for May 1. More on that later . . .

I often imagine I am running a race. The finish line looms ahead, with any number of dresses in the running. I usually place myself in the lead, but there are times, such as last week, when the sheer overwhelming number of dresses and gowns hanging in my storage/bathroom waiting to be worked on, seems to be running miles ahead of me!

A running commentary might run something like this:

"And the race begins with Seamstress running far ahead of dresses! Ah - but wait! Today we have several more Dresses added to the que - can she keep up the pace? Here come 2 more! Seamstress seems to be lagging behind. Oh Dear! She is getting farther and farther behind! How will she ever catch up! And here come several more dresses! But Wait! She has been pushing for that prize at the end! Here she comes! She seems to have gotten an extra burst of steam; yes, yes! It looks like she's going to do it! And here she is crossing the finish line! Running a close second are all those Dresses who entered this race, thinking they would be the one to finally win against the quick fingered Seamstress!"

Well, tomorrow I will have 'caught up' with about 5 days to spare! Next item due is not going to be until April 2, and of course, after that, it will come fast and heavy again. But, I figure I have several days that I can 'play'. Playtime for me will mean working on a dress for the Bridal Fashion Show I mentioned. It is May 1, which gives me preciuos little time. I already have the design layed out on paper, just have to put it together. Wish me luck - I need it with my time constraints!

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